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UEA is a campus based university with a student population of 16,000 and is home to more than 4000 International and EU students from over 120 countries. You can meet our staff and students at various events around the world and in the UK.

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We regularly attend events in your country, please register your interest and we’ll keep you updated of our visit plans. Alternatively, keep checking this page for details of future events. 

If you are planning a trip to the UK, why not come and pay us a visit?

The university offers Visit Days and Campus Tours throughout the year. Our tours are geared towards giving international visitors the opportunity to experience our unique surroundings and first-class facilities.

See what life is like on our campus and in Norwich and Norfolk.

Meet Your Ambassador

Christopher Richardson

Engineering Student

My name is Christopher Richardson, and I’m a 2nd year BEng Energy Engineering student. After completing my A-Levels in Malaysia, I was faced with the daunting task of choosing a university to study at in the UK. Eventually, I ended up choosing UEA for several reasons, mainly because the university is widely known for its ties to the energy sector, as well as its environmental research, which were both very relevant to the field I was choosing to go into. During the decision process, I was also extremely impressed by the high student satisfaction ratings and UEA’s overall ranking in the UK.

In retrospect, I can definitely say that UEA is in fact deserving of the acclaim it has been getting. The university places a great deal of importance on student satisfaction, with designated advisors, the option to schedule meetings with lecturers outside classes, and even designated wardens to help with on-campus accommodation throughout the year. The Career Central on campus is also a brilliant place for students to keep up-to-date with jobs both on and off campus, and me and many of my friends have gotten jobs and internships via Career Central. However, that isn’t to say the university is just about studying and jobs. There are a plethora of different ways to enrich your university life on campus. There is a massive sports park with courts and fields for just about every sport you can imagine, with a running track, climbing wall and gymnastics studio as well. As a casual swimmer, I most enjoy the Olympic sized pool in the sports park, and have headed there for an after class swim on many an occasion. There are plenty of clubs and societies to get involved with as well.

My favourite thing about being at UEA however, is living so close to the city of Norwich. It’s a 15 minute bus ride away, and it really is a nice place to spend the weekend. Personally, I enjoy the fact that while it does have plenty of things to do and see, it never feels too large or foreboding, making navigation especially easy for students who are new to Norwich and the UK. Norwich is also a very safe place to be, with a large student population that are friendly and helpful. Being away from home as an international student is never the easiest thing to do, but with the right environment and support, it can honestly be a wonderful few years.

If you have any questions about studying at the University of East Anglia then please do not hesitate to contact me via email at

Ask Christopher a question

Hong Kong: Yu Hang Tau - BSc Actuarial Sciences

What attracted you to study actuarial science at the UEA?

UEA offers great support to transit from high school to University, and from University to pursue a career. For a Hong Kong students looking to study in the UK, a lot of information would be the student reading from the internet. However, the Country Development Manager of UEA helped me a lot during my search to explore different courses, options and allowed me to have an in depth understanding of what I was signing up for. In facts, the Manager introduced me to the course Actuarial Science! Finding information about courses is tiring on the internet. I am certain that any student would benefit from talking with UEA's regional manager, and perhaps find a something new that they might miss on the internet! Aside from that, UEA has a strong linkage with Insurance Company Aviva that offers teaching from Actuary that is currently in business and offers possible career options. This is an unique edge that UEA offers and something other universities might not be able to provide. 

What are the best bits about life at the UEA?

One big difference between UEA and other universities in big city like London is the environment. School accommodation, which is guaranteed for first year students if you apply before the deadline, sits right beside a huge grass field and a lake. As a Hong Kong student, who sometimes is sick of the dense and crowded nature of Hong Kong, I enjoy every bit of the spacious nature environment provided. UEA is located a bit away from the city, yet everything you could possibly need is available on campus - from gym, restaurant, union shop, to even pubs are offered right on campus. There is virtually no need to visit the city on a regular basis if you don't want to. 

What are your first impressions of your degree course?

At UEA, Actuarial Science is taught between multiple schools. During my first year at UEA, I enjoyed learning a variety of topics from calculus, web page programming to even planning for finance in the future. The course always offers something new to learn and never feels repetitive or boring. There is a lot of mathematics involved in Actuarial Science, but seems to me it offers a much broader career path than a pure Mathematics course. Personally I would suggest students who are interested in mathematics to definitely check this course out. 

Also, I would say UEA's education system is much better refined than Universities in Hong Kong. The course in general is much more regulated than Hong Kong universities in terms of academic expectation and grading. Workload is always manageable and graded fairly. 

What is it like living in Norwich?

Living in Norwich is actually not so different than living in Hong Kong for me. Norwich is a smaller city than Hong Kong, but it provides everything Hong Kong has but with less people. From Karaoke to BBQ, Cinemas, Arcade centre and major clothing brands like Zara, Hollister etc. 

Norwich might be a smaller city, but it have a rich culture that perhaps you won't find in other places. I found a shop collecting and selling mail stamps from different times and places, and also a shop selling specify Teddy Bears. Spend some time to explore Norwich and there is something unique for you to discover. 

Hong Kong: Marissa - Business Management

My name is Marissa and I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor degree studying Business Management. There are three main reasons I chose to study in UEA: the reputation, the campus and Norwich itself! I have never regretted studying in UEA and it is definitely one of the best decisions I've made in my life!

UEA is a famous research-based university which means that we students have the benefit of getting up to date information of the current theories and practices. UEA is also reputable for their English Literature, Pharmacy, Environmental Science and Drama courses. One reason why I believe UEA has achieved high levels of student satisfaction is because our lecturers, advisors and mentors are always there to help us whenever we encounter problems during our studies.

UEA has such an amazing campus which is one thing I love most, we have our own lake which you can always do your morning jog or even organise a barbeque during the summer. Being a campus based university; it is just so convenient since all the facilities are just near the lecture theatres as well. Did you know our Sportspark (UEA's sport centre) has an Olympic size swimming pool!

UEA has over 150 sports clubs and societies that you can join and participate allowing you to meet people from all around the world. Concerts are also regularly held on campus, singers like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay came to play for us last year! Trust me, you will never get bored at UEA!

Norwich is a safe and beautiful city, though small, everything that you are trying to look for would be available. There are lots of small cafes and shops to explore and also two cathedrals and a castle to look out for.

Hong Kong: Max - BSc Accounting and Finance

Hello all!

Hi my name is Max, I have just completed my final year of my BSc Accounting & Finance course. My decision to choose UEA to undertake my undergraduate course was because of the fantastic location, the reputation of University courses and the diverse international culture. My three years in Norwich has been unforgettable, time flies when you're enjoying your time in UEA.

UEA, without saying is one of the most reputable institutions in United Kingdom, especially famous for their media, pharmacy and environmental studies. UEA offers a lot of student to teacher relations, where we are closely monitored by the University and I believe it is essential to be keeping in touch with the University.

Though UEA is one of the smaller campuses in UK, it only takes two hours to reach to London, 20 minutes away from the local city which contains one of the biggest shopping malls in UK. Our local football club which were promoted to the English Premier League. Students who never been to UK do not have to worry, we even have our own airport! Doesn't this make Norwich the perfect place to enjoy University life?

Many of our students are involved in many extra circular activities outside their studies to meet new people and relieve from their stress. UEA offers a wide range of societies with societies such as the Hong Kong Society which most of us gather in the beginning of the year to find our beloved citizens of Hong Kong, offering sports teams such as football, basketball and badminton. Every year we are invited to big sports events such as Nottingham Games, where we compete against other universities from UK.

University of East Anglia has offered me not only a degree but also memories that I will never forget.

Entry Requirements

Holders of the following qualifications will be considered for direct admission to Bachelor degree programmes: Sigjil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysian (STPM), in three of the five subjects studied, Malaysian Independent Chinese Secondary School (MICSS), the Matriculation Certificate of the Senior Secondary Assessment Board of South Australia, and the Canadian High School or Secondary School Diplomas, International Baccalaureate Diploma with a minimum 32 - 35 points, or 'A' levels obtained in Malaysia.

Certificate and Diploma holders from Polytechnics, Institutes of Technology, and private colleges with a Singapore Polytechnic-based syllabus, will also be considered for direct entry to Bachelor degree courses.

If you are studying for a UK Business and Technician Education Council (BTEC) qualification, 'Distinction' or 'Merit' grades at the National Diploma level, or similar grades following completion of the first year of the Higher National Diploma, are required for undergraduate entry. Institut Teknologi Mara (ITM) diploma holders and University candidates in appropriate subjects, in some cases may gain exemption from the first year of Bachelor degree courses.

Holders of a good Bachelor degree (Honours) will be considered for postgraduate Masters degree study or PhD study in exceptional cases.

All applicants to the University of East Anglia must be able to demonstrate an acceptable level of English language before they can be admitted onto any course or programme.

The below are guidelines only.  Please be sure to check requirements for your specific course.


Test Score
IELTS* 6.5 overall with minimum of 6.0 in each component
PEARSON ACADEMIC (all components)* 62 overall with minimum of 55 in each component


*We also accept a wide range of other English language qualifications, as listed here

*Those not meeting the above English language requirements are encouraged to consider and English Language programme at INTO UEA in preparation for our degree courses.


Scholarships & Finance

Fees 2019-20

For full details of overseas students fees and information on fee status please visit these Planning Office pages.

Please note that fees are reviewed annually and may be subject to small increases for any subsequent years of study.

Funding 2019-20

See our International Scholarships pages for details of non-region specific available funding opportunities.

These scholarships are designed to reward applicants who have been offered a place to study with UEA and who can clearly and concisely explain how studying here at UEA will help them to make an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of study as well as the wider UEA community.

All applicants to the scholarship will receive a minimum of a £2,000 first year tuition fee discount, whilst a large number of successful applicants will be upgraded to fee discounts of £4,000, £6,000 or £10,000 per year of study.

For terms and conditions and to apply, see our International Undergraduate Scholarships page.

Regional Office

Malaysia Office

Our regional office based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is conveniently located to offer support to potential students, partners and alumni across South East Asia.  If you are local, feel free to arrange an appointment to meet with us.  If you are unable to visit in person, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Carolyn Leong
Regional Manager - South East Asia

Carolyn has been working in Education for more than 10 years and has gained an excellent understanding of the industry in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Malaysia and Singapore. She has experience recruiting in Asia. And has also experience of heading the admission, marketing & recruitment with a Russell Group University base in Malaysia. Having joined UEA in August 2016, Carolyn is excited about this next part of her journey!

Mobile: +60 12 269 2354
Skype: au_carolyn


Ivy Wong

Assistant Regional Manager

Ivy Starter her career at UK Higher Education 7 years ago, after graduating from a university in Malaysia with a degree in business.



A-11-3A, Tropicana Avenue

Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

Persiaran Tropicana

47410 Petaling Jaya



visiting to our office at Tropicana is strictly by appointment only. Please contact Carolyn or Ivy directly on our mobile or by email.


Vii Dang

Regional Officer for Southeast Asia

Vii is an Alumni having come to UEA to study a MSc course in business management. To share her experience as an international student in the UK she has had been working as an education counsellor since last year. 



大学的运动设施包括:Sportspark拥有奥运会赛事专用游泳池,可以常年承办国际体育赛事;享誉世界的Sainsbury视觉艺术中心承办过一届国际文学节。其中包括知名作家Ian McEwan 和Kazuo Ishiguro,他们皆为UEA创作写作课程的毕业生。


自然环境的秀美和独特的建筑魅力使大学校园更加适宜居住。将近4,000学生居住在著名的金字塔型的Norfolk 和Suffolk连排公寓,该建筑被评为英国历史建筑。Constable连排公寓和Nelson公寓都是环保型学生公寓。所有住宿的学生都可以自己做饭,并享受中央供热系统。每个房间都可以免费连接校园计算机网络并方便快捷的享用校园的IT资源。

校园拥有便利的餐饮场所供学生选择,如:宽敞的现代化自助餐厅Zest、休闲咖啡茶点吧Blend。Sainsbury视觉中心有完全餐厅和茶点咖啡厅。新开办的DolcHe Vita咖啡吧位于校园中心的Street。大学酒吧除为学生提供非常经济的饮品外,还为学生会友和社交提供极佳场所。






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UEA works with partners around the world to promote our programmes and provide a service to students applying to the University. These partners have been carefully selected and we provide regular training to ensure that UEA is accurately represented and that the applicant experience is good. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your applicant experience, please contact us.

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