Medication Adherence Support Decision Aid

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    Through working with patients, NHS practitioners and policy makers, the Bhattacharya group has developed a programme of research to improve the support for patients to take their medicines as prescribed. 


    The group have established that over 300,000 patients in England have a pill box that is filled by their community pharmacy team and that for some patients, the pill box may not be the best approach to helping them with their medicines.   


    The Medication Adherence Support Decision Aid (MASDA) is an algorithm for helping prescribers and patients to focus on the types of support that are most relevant to the difficulties being experienced by the individual with taking medicines as prescribed. The MASDA is currently being implemented to support practitioners across a range of healthcare settings including pharmacies, medical practices and social services. Pharmacists have told us that they welcome having a decision aid that is based on research evidence. 


    Dr Debi Bhattacharya


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