2017 Spring Programme 2017 Spring Programme

2017 Spring Semester Series





24 January

TEC 0.07*

Dr Joe Purshouse
UEA Law School

’Paedophile Hunters’ and Criminal Procedure

7 February

EH 1.25

Felix Hempel
UEA Law School

IPSO, Ofcom, and the Mediengesetze der Länder

A comparative analysis of the right of reply in England, Wales, and Germany

14 February

EH 1.13

Dr Nikos Skoutaris
UEA Law School

The De-Europeanisation of Border Conflicts:
The Effect of Brexit on 3 Territorial Borders

7 March

EH 1.25

Dr Ana Ramalho
Maastricht University

Patentability of AI-generated inventions – Introduced by Dr Sabine Jacques

25 April

EH 1.25

Prof Liz Campbell
Durham University

Corporate Liability and the Criminalisation of Failure – Introduced by Dr Joe Purshouse

2 May

EH 1.13

Dr Gemma Mitchell
UEA Law School

Recognising the work of creating a family life for children: Foster carers and Employment law

9 May

EH 1.25

Dr Ananay Aguilar 
University of Cambidge

PPL and the management of performers' rights: a story of conflicting interests – Introduced by Dr Sabine Jacques

16 May

EH 1.25

Dr Markus Wagner
Warwick University

The Limits and Opportunities of (International) Law: Autonomous Weapons Systems as a Challenge for the International Community 

23 May

EH 1.13

Dr Craig Purshouse
University of Liverpool

Precedent, Principle and the Police: Duty of Care after Robinson and DSD – Introduced by Prof Rob Heywood

30 May

EH 1.13

Dr Angelika Reichstein
UEA Law School

A Right to Die for Prisoners

6 June

EH 1.25

Reilly Dempsey Willis
UEA Law School

Evaluating the impact of global Twitter campaigns on domestic women's rights: statistical modelling and analysis

13 June

EH 1.25

Prof Tarcisio Gazzini
UEA Law School

Challenges for the Legal Protection of Foreign Investment in Africa