British Power in the Age of Napoleon British Power in the Age of Napoleon

British Power in Age of Napoleon Conference

Saturday 17 October 2015

University of East Anglia


In this two hundredth anniversary of the end of the Napoleonic Wars, this one day conference will seek to examine some of the factors behind British power during this epoch. Britain emerged from over two decades of almost ceaseless warfare as the leading naval and commercial nation, and the only world power. British strengths were broad based, and her ultimate victory in the wars built upon foundations from a flexible political system and advanced administrative capabilities through to naval superiority and sophisticated battlefield tactics. This conference is a forum to discuss these foundations with distinguished professors and early career researchers contribution papers on such diverse aspects as colonial statebuilding, transnationalism, military strategy and diplomatic attitudes.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Bruce Collins, Professor Andrew Lambert and Professor Charles Esdaile. 


Conference programme [PDF]

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