Our current Postgraduates and their research interests Our current Postgraduates and their research interests


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Mark Abrahams
Cansu Bayindirli

Piotr Bentkowski

Co-evolution of life and its environment, theoretical and experimental ecology, theory of evolution, system science.

Joanna Chitty
Harriet Condie

Potential economic and ecological impacts of proposed changes to policies managing the discarding of catch in European Union fisheries
Ricardo Correia

Ecology and conservation of birds, management and biodiversity conservation in Iberian agro-ecosystems, ecological impacts of climate change on ecosystems and populations.
Maira De Souza
Jindarat Ekprasert

Environmental microbiology. Bacterial monooxygenases.
Myram El Khawand
Amelia Frizell-Armitage
Nathalie Gilbert

Climate and habitat changes in changing species migratory decisions and population dynamics.
Karen Hornigold
Alexandra Howat
Antonia Johnston
Agathe Jouet
Evelina Kallioniemi

Ecological responses to climate change and how knowledge of species movement can be used when planning conservation measures.
Asif Khattak
Tina Kerby

The impact of fisheries and climate change on fish stock
Maxim Koshin
Jenny Morley
Sarah Newberry
Clare Ostle

Analysing in-situ data to determine the long-term biological response of plankton to our changing environment.
Katy Owen

Separation of phytoplankton by cell size: a key parameter in the fate of organic carbon within marine ecosystems.
Lewis Peake

Effects of biochar on soil of different types and the land use implications of these effects. 
James Redfern
Vanessa Anne Richardson
Krisztina Sarkozi
Philip Saunders
Katrin Schmidt
Martin Sullivan

Factors that influence the distribution of species, and how we can predict the response of species to environmental change. Non-native species provide a (un)natural experiment which can be used to investigate this.
Davi Teles Vinhas Santos

Conservation Biology; Tropical Ecology; Carnivore conservation; Communitarian monitoring.
Royah Vaezi
Tom Waite
Ben Ward
Elli Warren-Thomas  
Daniela Wischer

Microbial ecology; Nitrogen cycling; One-carbon metabolism.
Yanzong Zheng