Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Sciences

Our research addresses many of the critical global environmental challenges of our time, including climate change, changes to polar regions, ocean acidification, air quality, ozone depletion, and water and energy security.

Our approach is to investigate the atmosphere and oceans as an integrated system, for example the interactions between oceanic and atmospheric dynamics and air-sea gas exchange, not forgetting the links to ice, land, and the biosphere, including marine biology.

We apply many different research techniques in lab studies, field measurements around the world including on ships, aircraft and autonomous vehicles, and computer modelling. These involve studies of the carbon cycle, greenhouse gases, air pollutants, biogeochemistry, plankton, seaweeds, genomics, isotopes, climate proxies, and past and future model simulations.

We host several world class facilities and many of our activities are organised within centres  that extend collaborations across the School of Environmental Sciences, UEA and to external organisations.

Stable Isotope Laboratory

Seaglider Facility

Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory

Collaborative Centre for the Sustainable use of the Seas

National Centre for Atmospheric Science

The Anglian Centre for Water Studies

Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research

World Energy and Meteorology Council



Our Staff