A broad view of education and applied educational research A broad view of education and applied educational research

Since its establishment in the 1970s, CARE has retained a distinctive style of working. This is characterised not so much in terms of the themes or research areas addressed, but by our commitment to addressing inequalities in education and society through promoting critical methodological debate and innovation in applied educational research. These principles continue to inform learning and teaching within the School. 
CARE takes a broad view of education and applied educational research. We are not restricted to work in schools, but include professional development and training and informal learning within our scope of activities.
We actively explore ways of developing new collaborative research ventures, with both local and international partners. Our aim is to support judgements and decisions in complex practical situations. We have an integrated notion of theory-research-practice, where theory can be set to work, challenged and developed in and through research and practice.
The impact of our work can be seen in a wide range of areas, including in formal education settings, international development organisations and other organisations such as the Police in England and Wales.
CARE contributes to high quality research supervision and doctoral education in the School of Education. Seeing a strong international student community as essential to a thriving research centre, we have developed our postgraduate courses in response to intercultural perspectives on research, learning and teaching. As a dedicated research centre, CARE provides a creative space for methodological exploration by faculty and students, organising informal discussion groups, symposia, collaborative publications and support for new researchers. We use 'methodology' in the widest sense - to include processes of knowledge creation and the politics around its production.