A key theme across this domain is the development and support of applied and practice-based research with a bearing on educational issues that are urgent and important: 

  • Our projects aspire to provide the best possible education for all learners and for the development of a curriculum that will be of maximum benefit for society
  • Our research on classroom climate and pupil behaviour in schools investigates the extent to which there is ‘a right to learn’ for all pupils
  • Our mathematics education projects focus on fostering appreciation for, as well as confidence and competence in, mathematics for all
  • Our work in English education explores literature's lasting effect on learners
  • Our research into sport and health examines motivation for, and the lifelong impact of physical activity on health and well-being.

We also have a long-lasting research interest in lesson and learning study, an increasingly influential model of continuing professional development for teachers.

Contact: Professor Elena Nardi