Defining a crowd rendering system Defining a crowd rendering system

Crowds of people can be an impressive spectacle and are often employed effectively by films to convey occasion and grandeur. Although posing a unique set of challenges, bringing crowds to the real-time domain can greatly enhance the perceived realism of a virtual environment. However, current attempts commonly fall short of increased user-expectations with the sense of immersion quickly dispelled when members cease to appear realistic and distinct.

Thus, in defining a crowd rendering system, there are three immediate objectives:

  1. The ability to handle a large number of characters
  2. High quality, convincing appearance and animation
  3. Individuality

The University of East Anglia's Crowd Simulation Group create real-time simulations of populated environments. In particular, the group is focusing their research on a real-time simulation of a crowd of visually realistic, naturally moving, virtual humans.Their work also extends to clothing simulation and enhances the work of the Urban Modelling Group.


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Research Team

Prof. Andy Day, Dr. Stephen Laycok, Dr. Robert Laycock, Mr. Michael Molnos, Mr. Chris Applegate, Mr. Wayne Lister