Sebastian's mentoring experience Sebastian's mentoring experience

Sebastian Ambaye, BA History and Politics

I chose to get involved in the mentoring programme in order to gain a real insight into a number of potential career pathways and develop my professional network. I was matched on both the six month mentoring and Insider Insights programmes; I had a number of great mentors during this time.

My experience on the mentoring programme allowed me to have a stronger understanding of what it meant to have a career in a particular profession. Moreover, my networking skills were improved as I managed to speak with numerous professionals during my time on the programme and gained a deeper understanding of how to operate in a professional environment. When it came to applying for jobs, my mentoring experience was really beneficial as it allowed to make a more informed choice regarding the career path that I elected to follow.

I was particularly fortunate in my mentoring experience as I managed to gain a work experience placement via one of my mentors; this experience was an invaluable opportunity for me to gain practical experience in a profession that was of real interest to me.

I would wholeheartedly recommend the Mentoring Programme to others as I believe it can have a tangible effect on your employability and help you make a more informed choice when seeking employment.