Tools for generating and developing ideas Tools for generating and developing ideas


‘What business to start this year’, via

A series of engaging articles which may provide the inspiration for your next start-up idea, based on emerging trends in the past year.

Tools and Resources

Business Model Canvas

The gold standard of lean start-up tools designed to map out all of the essential components of a business idea and identify your core values, customers and other factors such as the channels you will use to reach these customers.

Enterprise Self-Assessment

This exercise is for anyone interested in starting a business / becoming self-employed, designed to help identify your passions and interests, strengths and weaknesses.

‘Generate New Ideas’, via DIY Tool Kit

A series of best practice tools - including ‘Thinking Hats’ and ‘Value Mapping’ – with explanatory videos to help generate new ideas and describe the values you want your business to represent.

Mind Tools

A comprehensive toolkit with over 1000 tools designed to develop various skills including problem solving, project management and idea generation, which also allows you to create and customise your own learning plan.

The Straight Up Toolkit

A free innovation toolkit which may be particularly useful if you have a business idea that you are still exploring or unsure about.


‘Creative thinking – how to get out of the box and generate ideas’, Giovanni Corazza - TEDx talk

Thought-provoking talk in which the founder of the Marconi Institute of Creativity provides an insight into thinking outside of the box and how to challenge assumptions about your idea.

‘Ignite your idea’, Jen Storey - TEDx talk

Digital marketing expert Jen Storey explores the process of how to turn an idea into a business reality.