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Name: Jennie Robinson

Course: MA History of Art

Wandering Arts has a mission to support art and design in schools and the community by delivering arts and creative services. We aim to develop confidence, skills and imagination and we value the impact that creativity can have on life and learning. Our work makes learning accessible and directly impacts on children and young people’s attainment and wellbeing.

We deliver creative learning experiences that challenge and inspire young people and teachers and support them to produce high quality work. Wandering Arts offers the nationally recognised Arts Award qualification which is well-known for its positive impact on young people.

We will collaborate with teachers and members of the community to devise projects that respond to the individual needs of each school. These may, for example, include improving school grounds, developing skills in a particular discipline, targeted pupil interventions or raising attainment in particular curriculum areas. We support the planning, delivery and evaluation of arts-based projects for schools.

How did UEA Student Enterprise help you?

Previous to support from UEA Student Enterprise I hadn't considered being self-employed, or at least not ever thought it to be a reality. I had very little personal experience of running a business, therefore minimal confidence or understanding of what was involved in starting up my own enterprise.

UEA Student Enterprise helped build my confidence, knowledge and understanding of what is involved in running a business. I went on a number of courses which included developing my idea and turning it into a real business, writing a business plan, marketing, book-keeping and many other aspects and considerations to setting up a business and making a profit. I was awarded a start-up grant of £500 which has been fantastic - without this I wouldn't have been able to buy art materials and equipment in advance of running my art class, or hire out the space for the class.

Finbarr ran a workshop which was great - it was creative and really helpful to meet others who have been studying at the UEA and are also setting up a business. We are all still in contact.

Knowing there is someone I can contact at the UEA Student Enterprise is a great comfort as I know there is someone I can turn to for advice.

What worries did you have while setting up your business, and how did you overcome them?

I'm at an early stage of my enterprise and the worries I have are:

  • getting the right balance of work, family and study time
  • setting up a website or making sure I have the finances to get someone to create one for me
  • setting up a business and being a full time student has meant having very little money. When writing out a business plan for Wandering Arts I was able to see what my actual income was and set this against outgoings so I knew what money I would need Wandering Arts to bring in to make ends meet. This was something I needed to take into consideration for paying off my Career Development Loan next year.