Understanding the Training Pathway Understanding the Training Pathway

PPD brochure thumbnail pictureThe HUM Pathway is a development matrix or map which can provide you with ideas about defining the skills you may want to develop and at what stage, how to demonstrate them and where to find them. It is not a training schedule but an intellectual framework for defining the skills and behaviours you may wish to prioritise and a way of providing examples of how their acquisition may be demonstrated practically.

HUM PPD Programme and Training Pathway Information (PDF, 13.3 MB)

Personal and Professional Development Plan and Guidance

Funding for Training Activities

The Faculty offers funding for student-led training activities and conference attendance to all postgraduate research students in the Faculty. For further details, see the Grant Scheme section of the website.

Inter-Faculty Training

As well as training activities for postgraduate research students within your own Faculty, you can also attend training hosted by other Faculties across the University. Details are available in the relevant Faculty PPD programmes, accessible by following the links below. These include details of how to book a place.

External CHASE Students

External CHASE students who would like to attend certain PPD sessions, should email Dr Matthew Sillence (m.sillence@uea.ac.uk) in the first instance to check availability.


It may be possible to claim exemption from sections of the programme if you can meet the certain criteria. If you are claiming an exemption you must be able to demonstrate accredited prior learning experience that covers the topic or activity in full. Your claim should also be supported by your supervisor. If you wish to apply for an exemption please contact Postgraduate Research Office (HUM) administrative staff at humgrad.school@uea.ac.uk.

Your claim needs to fulfill one or more of the following criteria:

  • Your previous training or employment is directly relevant to the Researcher Development Statement and Framework and/or the content of the HUM session
  • Your previous training or experience was at a postgraduate level or equivalent
  • You can demonstrate that you have the graduate skills specified in your exemption application
  • Your application has been approved by your supervisor/supervisors
  • Exemptions cannot be granted solely on the basis of holding a master's degree: you need to demonstrate that specific skills were provided by it.