Preparation and planning Preparation and planning

Getting Started

At the start of each year of study, following registration, every postgraduate research student must assess their training needs with their supervisor/s and draw up a training and development plan for the coming year. In the first year this will draw on much of the first year of the PPD programme described as well as specific training opportunities in the School which will be more subject based or external development specific to the student. Some sessions directly support the Probation Review process.

For continuation into the second year, the same process applies. During years two to three there is more emphasis on taking your research to wider academic and public audiences and learning through practice and participation in academic forums and teaching both internal and external rather than formal training. Career planning and preparation is also strongly encouraged.

Students starting in January, April or July should also make every effort to meet with supervisors in the first few weeks to discuss training needs, although in these cases there may be a longer wait for training events only available in the next academic year.

Assessment of training and development takes place at the Annual Progress Review. For students in their first year, this will also be part of the Probation Review.

Training Needs Analysis and Development Plan

Your development plan should be based on your requirements as a researcher. To help you identify your training needs, you should make use of the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) issued by Vitae, which has been adopted by the Research Councils. Further information on using the RDF can be found on the Vitae website. The Graduate School Induction events and PPD Blackboard module contain information on how to conduct a Training Needs Analysis.  

Once you have identified your needs, you may find it useful to check the PPD Programme for recommended sessions.

Year 1 - Starting Your Research

Years 1-3 - Expanding Your Knowledge

Years 2-3 - Developing as a Professional Academic