Preparation and planning Preparation and planning

Getting Started

Whatever your stage of research take some time before the start of the semester (or your start date) to decide what your priorities are for the next year and discuss them with your supervisor.

If you are new to thinking reflectively about your development then competencies frameworks can help. These set out knowledge, skills and behaviours at different levels of activity, from beginner to advanced, usually in a specific field. At UEA we use the AHRC approved Vitae Researcher Development Framework (RDF) as a standard. It is advisable to become familiar with it, as it underpins our Pathway approach as well as the wider CHASE consortium of which we are a part.

Comparing where you are with where you want to be, using the RDF and the HUM Pathway, forms the basis for defining and prioritising your personal development and training needs (also called Training Needs Analysis, or TNA). When you have defined your priorities the next stage is identification of methods, forums, courses and activities available to develop them.

Understanding the Pathway

Once you have identified your needs, you may find it useful to check the PPD Timetable for recommended sessions.

PPD Timetable