Norfolk Bone and Joint Centre Norfolk Bone and Joint Centre

With our elderly population, both here and across the United Kingdom, the diseases of ageing are incredibly important.

At UEA, one of our areas of great bio-medical expertise is in musculo-skeletal disorders, bone diseases, which are known to affect millions of people in the UK, and many thousands each year in Norfolk.


Bone diseases including osteoporosis, arthritis and Paget's disease are awful conditions cause huge suffering, lead to fractures, immobility and very sadly, many deaths.

We have developed great expertise over recent years in researching these conditions with many important studies completed with local patient groups. And now we are developing new facilities to enable the work to expand at a greater pace.

The Norfolk Bone & Joint Centre is now housed in the Bob Champion Research and Education Building and is being led by Professor Bill Fraser, a leading expert in clinical biochemistry, who has made significant discoveries in the treatment of bone disease.

Norfolk, with the Norwich Research Park (NRP) at its heart, is a powerhouse of scientific research - with articular strengths in human health, food and the interaction between the two.

Today, we stand on the threshold of major breakthroughs in an area of medicine that is of the greatest importance and urgency for our rapidly ageing society: chronic diseases of the bone, tendon, cartilage and muscles.

Many of these are affected by diet, which means that Norwich's status as a world leader in research on the role of food in health gives us a distinct edge. Our existing areas of excellence include the following diseases, and form the focus for The Norfolk Bone and Joint Centre:

  • Osteoporosis and related fractures
  • Paget's disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint replacements

Together, we have created the new Norfolk Bone and Joint Centre, where researchers now have the ability to work with clinicians, drugs companies and patients to translate their discoveries into new tests, treatments and preventions.

Our thanks Our thanks

We are especially grateful to the Patrons of the Norfolk Bone & Joint Centre Appeal and our local volunteer campaigners for their immense support of the appeal.

The Norfolk Bone & Joint Appeal Patrons
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Viscountess Knollys OBE DL

Appeal Volunteer Group
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