UEA collaborates with Santander universities to launch alumni learning initiative that aims to give back


    UEA and Santander Universities have joined forces to launch the Santander Universities Alumni Initiative, an exciting scheme that offers UEA alumni the opportunity to benefit from access to the learning platform Santander Open Academy. The platform is designed to enhance employability and professional skills which will support a wide range of users.

    Vice Chancellor with Santander colleagues


    Thanks to this collaborative initiative, UEA alumni can register on the Santander Open Academy platform and gain exclusive access to valuable online courses that cover marketing, digital transformation, AI and data science amongst other content. For every new registrant, Santander Universities will donate £1 to UEA’s Student Hardship Fund, which will support students facing unexpected financial difficulties that are impacting their studies. This initiative therefore offers a unique way for our alumni to give back and support students.

    Santander Open Academy image. Develop your professional skills with Courses, Tool and Scholarships.

    The learning platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for alumni to access an array of educational resources and skill-enhancing content through audiobooks, podcasts, videos and e-books as well as online courses. Users of the platform can expect to enhance their career prospects and acquire valuable skills that align with the demands of today's job market.

    "We're delighted to collaborate with Santander Universities on this new initiative, as it combines the values of education, community, and philanthropy," says David Ellis, Director of Development, Alumni and Campaigns at UEA.

    "Our alumni have the opportunity to expand their skillsets and support their own career pathways by simply registering on the learning platform and gaining access to this sought-after content. Each registration is not just a step towards skill development, but also an investment in the future of education here at UEA."

    The initiative has been running since the start of the year and will continue to run until the end of April. To register on the Santander Open Academy platform please follow this link and click ‘Access’.

    With an expansive alumni database, this initiative presents a remarkable opportunity for alumni to give back to the university. "We envision this initiative as a catalyst for fostering a strong sense of community among our alumni while supporting UEA's commitment to higher education through philanthropy," UEA’s Alumni Engagement Manager Will Stileman added.

    The initiative builds upon UEA's longstanding partnership with Santander Universities, which was renewed in 2022, and stands as a testament to the continuous collaboration between the two organisations since 2011, underlining a shared commitment to education and philanthropy.

    For more information about the Santander Universities Alumni Initiative, please contact supporter@uea.ac.uk.

    To register on the Santander Open Academy platform, please follow this link and click ‘Access’.