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How far is it from UEA campus to Norwich City Centre? Jim, Derbyshire


Our Answer:

The simple answer is not far at all - UEA is about 3 miles from the city centre.  

During the day, there is a bus every 10 minutes that leaves campus for the city, and the average journey takes around 20 minutes. If there are a few of you, getting a taxi is another option, and this will be a bit quicker.  

In their second and third years, lots of students find private accommodation in the area between the campus and city centre – known as The Golden Triangle. 

If you fancy a stroll down The Avenues, the city can be reached on foot in about an hour, and by bike it takes about 15 minutes.  

In fact, we hopped on a bike and attached a camera to give you an idea of what it's like to cycle into the city!

If you want to see more of UEA campus or Norwich, have a look at our Youtube channel. 


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