Dedicated to a multidisciplinary international education Dedicated to a multidisciplinary international education

Why choose Goucher?

  1. The architecture of the campus has won many awards and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  2. Goucher is ranked as one of the top 10 most innovative colleges in the country by U.S. News & World Report.
  3. The campus is situated in a great location - 8 miles to downtown Baltimore and one hour to Washington D.C.


Quick Facts:

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA

City Population: 620,000

University Population: 2,375

Climate: Baltimore has four distinct seasons. Spring and autumn are warm. Winters are cool with occasional snowfall. Summers are hot and humid.

Nearest Airport: Baltimore-Washington International Airport



Goucher College is a selective, private, coed liberal arts college dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary, international education, and it is the first college in the US to make study abroad an undergraduate degree requirement.

Goucher is a rare example of a liberal arts college located close to a major metropolitan area. It is a place where smart, diverse and internationally-minded students will naturally thrive. Goucher offers a full range of academic disciplines through its rigourous liberal arts curriculum. Nearby Baltimore City and Washington D.C. offer a full range of events and opportunities. 

The college is especially well-suited to students who are looking for both a challenge and personal attention from professors, are interested in discussing and debating a broad range of important subjects, are ready to develop a global perspective and are eager to attend cultural and professional training activities outside the classroom.

Goucher offers more than 60 student-run clubs to suit just about any interest. Goucher students participate in well-established community-service programs, undertake wide-ranging internships and compete in 17 NCAA Division II sports.