surrounded by mountains and fjords surrounded by mountains and fjords

The University of Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway and is an internationally recognised institution. The university of Bergen has around 14 500 students and a city campus which is a feature of Bergen's urban landscape. It consists of eight faculties and most of UiB's faculties, libraries and study halls are located close to Nygårdshøyden in the heart of the city, with a short distance to cafes, sports halls, parks and shops. Bergen is a city on Norway’s southwestern coast surrounded by mountains and fjords.


Quick Facts:

Location: Bergen, Norway
City Population: 277,378
University Population: 17,000 students
Climate: Bergen features a temperate oceanic climate. Bergen's weather is warmer than the city's latitude might suggest.
Nearest airport: Bergen Airport, Flesland


Why choose the University of Bergen?

  1. The university is an internationally recognised research university
  2. According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020, the University of Bergen places as number 201-205.
  3. Bergen has over 150 student organisations and activities to join