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Why choose Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3?

  1. Jean Moulin is located in the heart of Lyon making access to local attractions and amenities quick and easy.
  2. With a widely intercultural perspective, Jean Moulin University creates a welcoming atmosphere to students from all over the globe.
  3. Students at the university are given the opportunity to do short or long term, customisable French courses to aid their language skills.


Quick Facts:

Location: Lyon, France

City Population: 450,000

University Population: 12,800

Climate: Lyon has a temperate continental climate, with hot summers and cool winters. Rainfall is quite moderate all year round.

Nearest Airport: Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport



Located in the heart of the city of Lyon, Jean Moulin Lyon 3 offers courses in humanities and social sciences to its 27,000 students. The university also offers a program in English which is open to exchange students, for those who are perhaps not confident about undertaking a course in French but still keen to go to a fantastic location in France. One of the buildings is located on the picturesque Rhône embankment.