How? When? Where? How? When? Where?

How can I study abroad?

The timetable of activities for how to study abroad differs from institution to institution, but for full year students it is broadly as follows:

  • October - November - students submit study preferences for allocation
  • December - April - host university confirmation and applications
  • March - May - final application and immigration steps
  • April - Pre-departure event
  • July - October - departure

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When can I study abroad?

How long? When?
Year Abroad (4-year degree) Generally, Year 3 is spent abroad
Semester Abroad (3 year degree) Generally, Semester 2 of Year 2 is spent abroad

Where can I study abroad?

Our partner institutions§ span the globe and the list is growing!  

§ Availability may be limited to certain Schools of study and may vary based on:

  • region-specific programmes, e.g. Year in Australasia
  • relevant module selection
  • approval of the School Study Abroad Coordinator
  • annual variance in availability of places at partner universities


UEA offers a number of scholarships to support students studying abroad. More details and application information can be found on the scholarship pages.

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