20 March 2020

My UEA Story: Nhung Doan

NhungDegree: Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE)

Period of study: 2014 - 2017

Current employer and position: 'Central Banking Publications' and 'Training Course & Seminar Producer'

Reason for choosing your degree?

I enjoyed Economics at school, however, I sometimes felt it wasn't broad enough. I came across the course PPE and after reading about it, I realised that this was the perfect degree for me as it combined multiple disciplines which seemed quite different, however, this is actually far from the truth as there is a lot of overlap between all three subjects. Thus, the intertwining and combination of subjects greatly appealed to me as I am quite interested in human behaviour and the social sciences.

What career path did you follow on completion of your degree?

I wanted to enter the public field, whether that be the Civil Service or a think tank or a charity etc., as I enjoy working with and dealing with the public/ people. I came across my current job and was quite attracted to it due to the role of central banks in serving the interests of the public and the economy.

How did your degree help with your career?

It made me realise that in the long-term, I want to work in public policy or 'anything public' that deals with people. It also made me think more critically and broadly as I feel it has given me the skills to think thoroughly about situations and to always approach things from different perspectives, thus, it has allowed me to look at all situations in a holistic manner.

An economics degree is sometimes perceived as academically more challenging than straight business or finance and can also limit career choices. What are your views on this?

I have not studied straight business or finance, thus, I do not feel I have the knowledge or understanding to comment on this. However, I disagree that an economics degree limits career choices. It is a very versatile subject that requires many skills. Also, I feel that unis are now realising the importance of modern economics and are straying away from established theories and schools of thoughts, which shows that economics is evolving which I believe is really important and something to take note of.

What did you enjoy most about studying in the School of Economics and at UEA?

The eco staff/ department were absolutely excellent. Not only are they very knowledgeable and helpful, they are also extremely friendly and approachable. I had never felt judgement or felt scared to ask something which I thought may have been silly/ obvious etc., so, for me, the atmosphere and the general economics community was very meaningful to me. (Also, shout out to Matthew Aldrich, Peter Dawson, Duncan Watson, Fabio Arico, and James Watson as well as the biannual open bar pub quizzes - I attended all 6 throughout my time at UEA and enjoyed them very much (though maybe a little too much one time in second year)!

What advice would you offer to current students, or anyone considering studying economics at UEA?

You will not regret it. It is a brilliant school with even more brilliant staff. You will always be given help whenever you ask for it too.


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