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EAWOP Small Group Meeting: When, Where and for Whom are Job Resources Beneficial?

14/15 September, 2015

Job resources, such as job control and supportive workplace relationships, are deemed to be key ingredients to healthy work. Job resources occupy prominent positions in theoretical models of job design and policy approaches to psychologically healthy work. In this meeting, attendees and presenters explored how to advance knowledge and practice, and debated issues such as: how job resources confer benefits in specific micro- and macro-contexts; to reliably identify and explain exceptions to the general rule that job resources confer benefits; to consider the cost-to-benefit ratios of increasing job resources in different contexts so that interventions are both successful and efficient; and to compile theoretically grounded and evidence-based best-practice guidelines for intervention.


Attendees at the conference were:


Arnold Bakker

Anja van den Broeck

Kevin Daniels

Eva Demerouti

Lenka Duranova

Roberta Fida

Jari Hakanen

Joern Hetland

Diana Malinowska

Ieva Martinaityte

Mariella Miraglia

Rachel Nayani

Karina Nielsen

Chidiebere Ogbonnaya

Krista Pahkin

Riccardo Peccei

Jose Maria Peiro

Ina Schoellgen

Susana Tavares

Olga Tregaskis

Marc van  Veldhoven

Ana Sanz Vergel

Karina van den Voorde

Despoina Xanthopoulou