what placements will i have? what placements will i have?

Trainees undertake two placements per year.  In Year 1, they complete adult and older adult placements.  In Year 2 they complete learning disabilities and child placements.  This enables trainees to choose specialist placements in their final year.  These may be completed concurrently or consecutively across the year depending on the specialism chosen.  There is rich variety of specialist placements available, for example forensic, neuropsychology, specialist centres for brain injury, clinical health psychology, social services, leadership skills and specific therapeutic modalities including CAT and CBT.

How many days do i spend on placement? How many days do i spend on placement?

The number of days trainees are required to spend on placement varies across the three years.  Trainees can be on placement for up to 4 days per week.  They are also allocated research and study days to help them manage the varying demands of the programme, for example, thesis research.

how are placements allocated? how are placements allocated?

Placements are typically within a trainee’s base location or a location geographically close to this base.

specialist placements specialist placements

In the third year, trainees are able to indicate their preferences for specialist placements from our database of specialist placements available.  Trainees can opt for specialist placement preferences outside of their base location.