Research into the links between the theory and practice of translation Research into the links between the theory and practice of translation

The Literary Translation Research Group is the focus both for the theoretical exploration of literary translation and for the production of high quality creative translations of literary works. In particular, its members conduct research into the links between the theory and practice of translation. This includes work on the extent to which literary reception influences translation practice, how both theory and practice reflect different aspects of textual poetics, and how translation theory relates to other literary and aesthetic theories. 

The British Centre for Literary Translation uses the insights from the group's research in the training of translators and publishers, and in public work aimed at changing reading habits.

Group members

Prof. Duncan Large - Translation and translation studies (esp. historical translation theory); comparative literature (esp. Anglo-German literary relations); history of thought in the German-speaking world (esp. Friedrich Nietzsche and French Nietzsche interpretation).

Cecilia Rossi - Literary Translation (especially poetry translation), Latin American Literature (especially poetry). Literary Translation and Creativity (theoretical, pedagogical and practical applications); the writer's archive and the literary translator; literary translation and cultural memory.

Thomas Boll - Theory and practice of translation; the Latin American, European and Anglo-American avant-garde; contemporary Spanish American poetry and fiction; cultural politics of the Cold War; the baroque; metaphor.

Jo Catling - Modern German literature, especially poetry; Rilke; modernism and the Weimar Republic; women's writing; gender and creativity; translation