IMPACT: Making a Difference in Intercultural Communication IMPACT: Making a Difference in Intercultural Communication

Conference at the University of East Anglia - Wednesday 26 - Friday 28 June 2013

Plenary Speakers

Plenary 1 Istvan Kecskes (University at Albany, USA)
Plenary 2 Mona Baker (University of Manchester, UK)
Plenary 3 Lynda Yates (Macquarie University, Sydney, AUS)
Plenary 4 Minako O'Hagan (Dublin City University, Ireland) 
Plenary 5 Patricia von Münchow (Université Paris Descartes, France)
Plenary 6 Ana Rojo (Universidad de Murcia, Spain)

Public Roundtable - Let's Talk

Public Roundtable Special Guest contributor
Makiko Mizuno (Kinjo Gakuin University, Nagoya)




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About the Conference

The conference builds on the success of two prior Cross-cultural Pragmatics at a Crossroads conferences at the UEA - Speech Frames and Cultural Perceptions in 2006, and its larger-scale follow-up Linguistic and Cultural Representations across Media in 2011, this time with an even more ambitious agenda.

Like its forerunners, CCP III will be interdisciplinary, and aims to bring together, under the umbrella of cross-cultural pragmatics, researchers from domains which are particularly sensitive to cross-cultural issues, to promote the cross-fertilization of practises, ideas and theoretical approaches, and explore key concerns associated with communication across language and culture boundaries, in practice and theory.

Making a difference, the impact theme of this third meeting, will tap into, and confront, two closely related spheres of research activity in intercultural communication: 

  • Research in its value and contribution to wider society, i.e. the pursuit of research that makes a difference and ways of making it applicable and available to those for whom it can make a difference 
  • Research in its investigation of factors that impede or promote communication, understanding and respect for otherness in multicultural/globalised settings 

Publication Outlets

There is a good range of peer-reviewed research journals suitable for submitting papers arising out of CCP III, and several have, over the years, expressed an interest in receiving submissions from CCP events. A (non-exhaustive) list is appended here.

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Organisers: Marie-Noëlle Guillot (

with Roger Baines (, Jo Drugan (, Luna Filipovìc (, Alberto Hijazo-Gascon (, Clive Matthews (, Andreas Musolff (, Carlos de Pablos-Ortega (, Giulio Pagani (, Gabrina Pounds (, Nana Sato-Rossberg (, Alain Wolf (

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