Applying for Postgraduate Research in Language and Communication Studies Applying for Postgraduate Research in Language and Communication Studies

You should follow the procedure set out by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Graduate School, while following the additional guidelines below.

Research Topics and Initial Contact

Before making an official application, you are strongly encouraged to discuss your research ideas informally with at least one member of academic staff in Language and Communication Studies (LCS). This is to ensure that you write a proposal which aligns as far as possible with the research interests and priorities of the department, and to help refine your ideas. It thus increases the chances that any subsequent official application will be well-received.

You can start by looking at the main research areas covered in LCS. The research and postgraduate supervision interests specified on staff pages will then give you a more detailed idea of each member of staff's research areas.

As a general rule, when making initial contact with staff, a 500 word summary of your research idea, and a statement on why you want to do postgraduate research is normally sufficient.


If following your initial discussions you decide to submit a full application, you are required to submit a research proposal of up to 1500 words as part of the application.  While we recognise that these ideas are likely to change and develop over time, it is important to produce a coherent and well-argued piece of writing. The proposal should:

a) Identify the problems that you want to explore and explain why it is important to do so

b) Set your proposed research within a broad field of study: What are the key arguments, areas of literature and approaches in the field? What does your project contribute to existing work in the field? How does it extend understanding of particular questions or topics?

c) Set out your research questions

d) Explain the methods you plan to use and why. Clarify what sources you will use and how will you analyse them. Reflect on some of the potential barriers to your strategy and ways you might overcome these.

e) An initial plan for the project (timescale and project stages).

f) A bibliography

Your submitted 1500 word proposal should summarise the key points of all of these elements.

More detailed advice can be sought through contact with the academic(s) you are particularly interested in working with.


Studentships are available through UEA via a competitive process to fund part or all of your postgraduate research. More details of the studentships can be found here.

The two main sources are

1) The UEA Faculty of Arts and Humanities studentships, and

2) The Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)-funded Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East (CHASE)

CHASE funds studentships in specific fields, including those relevant to our specialisms in Language and Communication Studies. If you are interested in applying for a CHASE studentship, please raise this as early as possible in your discussions with member(s) of staff, as there is an additional application procedure.