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Welcome to Research and Consultancy

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   About Research and Consultancy

The University of East Anglia's School of International Development (DEV) has an international reputation for its research in a range of sectors.  Research undertaken through the International Development Centre contributes significantly to academic debate and discussion, publication in peer reviewed and other academic journals, and designing and implementing cutting edge research. It also informs applied work, very often providing evidence for programme design, implementation and management, both at a local level, and also at an organisational, policy and strategic level. Researchers draw on their expertise of working in a range of developing countries to inform their approach and practice in international consultancy work. They are able to interact with people at a local level, and in positions of seniority; they draw on global expertise to apply lessons learnt to differing contexts; and they are driven by a deep understanding of current development issues, and the importance of addressing inequality and poverty.

DEV has strong links with donors including Department for International Development (DFID), World Bank, and United Nations organisations. We actively network with Non-governmental Organisations, other charitable companies, and private companies, to share skills and expertise where relevant, and can provide short term, targeted inputs to programmes throughout the project cycle.  DEV is a core partner on two DFID funded Expert Advisory Call Down Service (EACDS) frameworks: Lot C – Promoting Global Prosperity, and Lot B – Strengthening Resilience and Response to Crises.   We are also consortium partners on two DFID Global Evaluation Framework Agreements.

The three specialist areas of work encompassed by the Centre are:


Enhancing global understandings of international development, through empirical research undertaken in developing economies including those in Africa, Latin America, and Asia, as well as exploring issues relating to forced migration and its impact on developed economies within Europe. Specific areas of research expertise include development economics, global environmental justice, water and food security, gender, education, poverty and inequality, globalisation, HIV and AIDS, conflict, governance, aid effectiveness, and climate change.

   Professional Development and Short Courses

The Centre hosts a dedicated Training Office, which develops and delivers professional development and other short courses on a broad range of development studies areas including: impact evaluation, water stewardship, forest governance, gender and development, and economics for development. The Training Office delivers programmed and bespoke courses to NGOs, international charities, individuals, private sector organisations and Governmental Departments both on the UEA campus and internationally, and regularly hosts course participants and invited speakers from across the globe.


Research-active staff regularly provide short-term, targeted consultancy services to a range of clients including DFID, UNICEF, World Bank, WHO, and United Nations-sponsored organisations e.g. UN Women. Recently commissioned work includes development of policy advice, strategies and action plans for project implementation at sectoral, regional and country-wide levels, project impact evaluation, and write-up and dissemination of research findings.