Spring 2016 Modern Seminar Series


See programme below for dates, times and rooms.


Wednesday 27th January 2016, 5pm, Arts 3.15

Prof Ramon Ramon Munoz (Barcelona)

'Industrialisation and the biological standard of living in the nineteenth century: evidence from a Catalan case study'


Wednesday 10th February 2016, 5pm, Arts 3.15

Prof Ayhan Aktar (Istanbul)

'The Making of Mustafa Kemal's Saga at Gallipoli:  A British Imperial and Turkish Joint Operation, 1921 - 1932'


Monday 22nd February 2016, 5pm, Arts 2.06

Prof Lawrence Goldman (Institute of Historical Research)

'A Collective Biography of the Welfare State:  Tawney, Temple and Beveridge'


Spring 2016 Early Modern Seminar Series


Wednesdays, 5.15 p.m, Arts 3.07


20th January 2016

Prof Clive Holmes (Oxford)

‘Oliver Cromwell and a project to establish sectarian enclaves’


17th February 2016

Prof Ann Hughes (Keele)

‘Katherine Packer Gell: scribal culture and family piety 1645 - c1710'


2nd March 2016

Dr Erin Maglaque (Oxford)

‘Family and empire in the Renaissance Venetian Mediterranean'


27th April 2016

Prof Graeme Murdock (Trinity College, Dublin)

‘Rites of peace during the French wars of religion'



Spring 2016 Medieval Seminar Series


Mondays, 6.30pm Arts 3.02

(Please note change of room to Arts 3.07 for 14th March 2016)


18th January 2016

Prof Miri Rubin (Queen Mary)

'Ecclesia and Synagoga: The Significance of change'


1st February 2016

Mr James Barnaby (UEA)

'The Hackington Dispute: Archbishop Baldwin and the monks of Canterbury Cathedral'


15th February 2016

Mr Richard Partington (Cambridge)

'The Mother of Invention: 'Law-state-war-state' Revisited'


7th March 2016

Dr Alan Murray (Leeds)

'The Long Road to Jerusalem: Organisation and Logistics of Crusades to the Holy Land, 1096-1204'


14th March 2016

(This takes place in Arts 3.07)

Thomas Penn (Allen Lane Publishing)

'Edward IV, the Pope, and the Alum Trade'


11th April 2016

Prof Wendy Childs (Leeds)

' 'A gude countrei and evell wyn': English Trade with Castile and Portugal in the Late Middle Ages'