Introduction Introduction

Care home residents could make a big difference to research. They have real knowledge and experience of care homes. Residents could advise and work together with researchers. The RReACH team is exploring ways to involve older care home residents in research projects.

Key Research Questions Key Research Questions

  • How can people living in care homes be involved in shaping research? 
  • What may stop residents from being involved in research
  • What can researchers do better to involve them?

Research Design and Outputs Research Design and Outputs

We are looking at how care home residents have been involved in past research projects (systematic review).

We will talk to care home residents and staff about what we find out. We will then ask them to tell us their priorities and concerns about residents being involved in research (interviews and focus groups). We will also explore new ways of involving people.

We would like to share what we learn with other researchers (through publications including guidance and conference presentations). This should help researchers to involve residents more effectively in research. This can then build understanding about living in care homes.

The Research Team The Research Team

The RReACH study has a collaborative research team which includes older people, care home residents, care home staff, and researchers from UEA’s School of Health Sciences.

The Principal Investigator is Anne Killett

Other RReACH team members: Adina Burt, Andrea Kenkmann, Ann Kar, Betty Wharf, Bridget Penhale, Conway Thomas, Fiona Poland, Hilda Bullen, Kathleen Lane, Tamara Backhouse