The Computer Graphics group works closely with SYS Consulting providing solutions for commercial projects.

The group has varied research interests including; Urban Modelling, Surgical Simulation & Training, Haptic/Force Feedback, Crowd Simulation. For more complete details on our research projects please refer to our research pages.

Listed below are  links to research and development groups.


Urban Modelling Group
The Urban Modelling Group focus on the construction and visualisation of urban environments.





HaptiMOL provides software enabling users to interact with molecules via haptic feedback devices.




virtual past logo


Virtual Past
Historic reconstruction of places and events



magna carta logo
The Magna Carta Project

The Magna Carta Project was AHRC funded and about the context, production and reception of Magna Carta. CMP (Prof. Day and Geoffrey French) are responsible for the database and website.


Possible Development Projects

Do you have Computer Graphics related problems? Do you think that our research could aid your development projects or can be integrated into new research projects?

Please contact Prof. Andy Day either by email: or by telephone: +44 (0) 1603 592604.