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The atmosphere and oceans are key parts of the Earth’s climate system.  Reliable weather forecasts and the control of air pollution are of high societal importance. Greenhouse gases lead to temperature increases and certain anthropogenic gases have badly damaged the protective ozone layer. The oceans store and transport massive amounts of heat, provide many resources in terms of energy and food and are tightly linked to the atmosphere through the exchange of heat, momentum and greenhouse and reactive gases. It is crucial that we have a thorough understanding of the coupled ocean – atmosphere system to be able to quantify current processes and predict future impacts.

The Centre for Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences at UEA combines a unique selection of scientists from the Schools of Environmental Sciences, Mathematics and Biology studying the physics and chemistry of the atmosphere as well as the physics, chemistry and biology of the oceans and the important links between them.  We take part in international assessments such as the WMO Scientific Assessment of  Ozone Depletion and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. This portfolio makes COAS a globally recognised centre of excellence for the study of the atmosphere and oceans.