Connect with talented UEA students and graduates Connect with talented UEA students and graduates

UEA is committed to supporting students to take up work experience through the UEA Internship, Science Year in Industry and placement programmes. Work placements allow organisations to benefit from our students' current knowledge and enthusiasm, giving you a fresh perspective and allowing them to positively impact your business.

Work placements can help you to:

  • Resource projects you haven’t had the time or staff to work on
  • Offer a cost effective, low risk solution for your business needs
  • Have peace of mind of employing quality and well supported students
  • Promote your organisation’s values and culture to the graduate market
  • Recruit from a wide range of student talent, engaging the skills and enthusiasm of a UEA student
  • Extend your team without the commitment of a permanent contract
  • Streamline your recruitment processes – many students secure permanent work with their placement employer.

A placement is a great way for our students to:

  • Gain insight into a particular sector or industry
  • Improve their employability after graduation and get valuable experience to help them secure a graduate position. 

A placement student is an affordable way to recruit for your business. We are keen to work with local, national and international employers who are looking to access talent and skills, and benefit from taking on a UEA student. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that both you and our students get the most out of the placement.

Download our Employers Guide to UEA Placements for more information on our placements.

Contact us to see how we can work with you at If employing students or graduates yourself is a problem, please speak to us about ways we can help.







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