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The Faculty Research Bulletin celebrates the research achievements of colleagues, and publicises research projects, and the impact and benefits of our research.

Published quarterly, the Research Bulletin includes information about new research publications and exhibitions, research awards, fellowships, and prizes, as well as details about colleagues’ contributions to conferences and other events, at UEA and elsewhere.

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Levehulme Fellowship Success for Tiffany Atkinson (LDC)

Tiffany Atkinson is an award-winning poet and literary critic with a longstanding research interest in the interfaces between body and consciousness: she has published on the history of anatomy and the difficulties of representing physical pain, for example.  She has recently received a Leverhulme Fellowship for new work that brings her long experience of writing, reading, teaching, performing and reviewing poetry together with her critical interest in ‘difficult’...

Vernacular Medicine in Colonial India: Family, Market and Homoeopathy - Shinjini Das (HIS)

Vernacular Medicine in Colonial India: Family, Market and Homoeopathy  (CUP, 2019) explores how the colonized Indians negotiated with and reshaped western medicine. It examines the interactions between British state, Indian nationalist print cultures and indigenous commercial interests relating to public health governance in India. The official health policy of the imperial state exclusively promoted state medicine or biomedicine.  The book tracks how, despite the imperial...

Church Life: Pastors, Congregations, and the Experience of Dissent in Seventeenth-Century England - Joel Halcomb (HIS)

Joel Halcomb in the School of History has recently published Church Life: Pastors, Congregations, and the Experience of Dissent in Seventeenth-Century England with Oxford University Press. The cover image was paid for with the help of the faculty’s publication fund. The book is part of his on-going project ‘Dissenting Experience’, which he co-founded with Anne Dunan-Page (Aix-Marseille) and Michael Davies (Liverpool).

Festive Norwich: A Walking Map of Tudor and Stuart Civic Entertainments

Prof Matthew Woodcock (LDC) has recently produced and launched a free walking map that identifies the various different sites at which drama, entertainment, music, and sports were performed and enjoyed in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Norwich. The map is based on research assembled as part of his AHRC-funded project ‘Accessing the Records of Early English Drama in Norwich, 1540-1642’, and was devised in collaboration with local artist Claire Grasby and Darren Leader design studio....

Art and Cinema in 21st Century Peru: Aesthetics, Politics and Platforms

This three-day international conference hosted an array of international researchers, artists, activists and curators in London, 19-21 June 2019. It was opened by the Peruvian Ambassador to the UK, Juan Carlos Gamarra and supported by the Peruvian Embassy, as well as UEA, ILAS (London) and PUCP (Peru). It was organised by Sarah Barrow (Prof Film and Media/PVC Arts and Humanities, UEA) and Dr Giuliana Borea, (ILAS/PUCP and graduate of UEA).   ...

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