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The Faculty Research Bulletin celebrates the research achievements of colleagues, and publicises research projects, and the impact and benefits of our research.

Published quarterly, the Research Bulletin includes information about new research publications and exhibitions, research awards, fellowships, and prizes, as well as details about colleagues’ contributions to conferences and other events, at UEA and elsewhere.

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Two British Council Grants Awarded to Leticia Yulita (PPL)

Leticia Yulita (PPL) has recently been awarded two separate British Council HELinks grants, enabling her to continue her collaboration with Dr Melina Porto (Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina) on curriculum design.

Major ESRC Grant Success for Becky Taylor (HIS)

Becky Taylor has received funding from the ESRC for a project jointly submitted with colleagues from LSE and Plymouth University. Her interdisciplinary project ‘Gypsies and Travellers Experience of Crime and Justice Since the 1960s’, will run for 30 months from 1st January 2020 and will provide numerical estimates of both offending and victimisation, and explore the meanings attached to it by 'Gypsies and Travellers' and those experiencing formal social control directly and vicariously. This...

HUM welcomes new Leverhulme Early Career Fellows to LDC, HIS, and AMA

HUM is delighted to welcome three new Leverhulme Early Career Fellows to the Faculty for 2019/20. Dr Thomas Gould is joining LDC to undertake a project 'The Graphic Turn: Drawing in Modern Poetry and Philosophy' (mentor Dr David Nowell Smith), Dr Anastasia Stylianou is joining HIS to undertake her project on 'Transnational Anglo-Hellenic Networks During England’s Long Reformation (c.1520-c.1660)' (mentor Dr Polly Ha) and Dr Rye Holmboe is joining AMA to undertake his project 'Thinking in...

Researching the Historic Landscape of the Brecks (HIS)

Landscape historians in the School of History, led by Dr Jon Gregory, have recently completed a research project on the landscape of Breckland as part of a Landscape Partnership funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The research was focused on the ways in which parts of the Brecks were transformed in the period between 1750 and 1950 as large areas of open heath were enclosed and reclaimed and large landed estates came to dominate the region.
An article exploring many of the landscape...

Sebald Research Update by Jo Catling (LDC)

2018-19 was quite the year in WG Sebald research, commemorating what would have been his75th birthday on 18 May 2019. The academic year was bookended by two trips to research in the Sebald Nachlass in Germany at the Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach ( ), courtesy of the HUM Small Awards scheme: a visit last summer, accompanied by the curator, to source materials and research the sources of Sebald’s photographs in preparation for the exhibitions at SCVA and Norwich...

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