A strong and vibrant research community A strong and vibrant research community

We are proud to foster a strong and vibrant research community among our postgraduate students. Their research is an active ingredient in shaping the future of our field of study.
We're committed to providing an environment that promotes among students the values of interdisciplinarity, internationalisation and global thinking that underpin our own research.
All postgraduate students are able to attend regular research seminars led by visiting academics, funded by the American Embassy and others. In addition to this, they have access to regular research and engagement seminars and public lectures on intercultural communication.
Every year, our research students organise an Annual Review Symposium – giving them valuable experience of organising an academic event, as well as a forum in which to present their research to their peers and Faculty members.
We support our students to build relationships with external partners, whether academic or from the field. Financial support is provided for students to attend conferences at other institutions.

Research students

Donald P Allen

d.allen@uea.ac.uk | donaldp.allen@yahoo.com

  • Research projects:  Jehovah's Witnesses:  How to Thrive in a Hostile World.
  • Other research interests:  Jehovah's Witnesses, American religion.

Becky Avila


  • Research project: The role of education in the racial development and racial awareness of young children. (More specifically my project will examine how the primary school curricula (both hidden and formal) prepare young children to live in an increasingly multicultural United States).
  • Other research interests: History of race and racism in the United States; history and development of the American educational system; multicultural education; children and race.

Matthew Bentley


  • Research project: Manhood at the Carlisle Indian School, 1879-1918.
  • Other research interests: History of masculinity in America; Native-American history; history of sport; and the American West.

Stephen Boddington


  • Research project: Why the superhero genre became the dominate form within the American comics Industry.
  • Other research interests: American popular culture; history of comic books; genre theory; meta narratives within mass-produced culture; print culture; the history of the book; pulp novels; American film and radio serials of the 1930s and 40s; the history of the superhero genre.

Morwenna Chaffe

M.Chaffe@uea.ac.uk | 

  • Research project: My research project examines personal experiences of infertility in America during the nineteenth century.  The main focus will be on the north-east between 1850 - 1900.
  • Other research interests: Nineteenth-century studies; Women's and Gender studies; History of medicine (particularly women's surgeons and the development of gynaecology); Women's life writings.

Nick Cleaver


  • Research project: The foreign policy of the Second Grover Cleveland administration.
  • Other research interests: US foreign policy; the American Civil War; the Gilded Age.

Edward Clough

e.clough@uea.ac.uk | eastanglia.academia.edu/EdwardClough

  • Research project: Faulkner/Structure, or How the South was Built - Fictional architecture and objects in the novels of William Faulkner.
  • Other research interests: American literature; visual culture; material culture; the American South; representations of violence; architecture; literary theory.

Melissa Cooper

Melissa.Cooper@uea.ac.uk | 

  • Research project: My research explores Eleanor Roosevelt's influence on the NAACP's Anti-Lynching movement during the 1930s.
  • Other research interests: Civil Rights, lynching and mob violence, anti-lynching, American Race relations, the presidency and first ladies, the New Deal.

Francisco Costa

f.costa@uea.ac.uk | eastanglia.academia.edu/FranciscoCosta

  • Research project: Representation of Queer Identities on the American Stage from the 1950s to the 1990s.
  • Other research interests: 20th-century American literature and culture, especially in an interdisciplinary approach; gender studies, particularly GLBQT studies; theatre and performance studies; ethnic and racial studies.

Paul Dance


  • Research project: e e cummings' contribution to modernist poetry. 
  • Other research interests: modernist poetry; poetics; linguistics; Freud. 

Lidija Davidovska

l.davidovskaivanovska@uea.ac.uk | eastanglia.academia.edu/LidijaDavidovska

  • Research project: American mainstream poetry after the late '50s to late '90s (Robert Lowell, James Wright, Richard Hugo, Rita Dove, Philip Levine).
  • Other research interests: Literary theory (stylistics); discourse analysis; American culture (second part of the 20th century); American pragmatism; phenomenology; existentialism.

Eilidh Hall


  • Research project: The role of women in the Mexican American family - a multi-disciplinary project using the novels of Ana Castillo and Sandra Cisneros along with sociological, anthropological, and political influences to explore the changing role of women in Chicano society. 
  • Other research interests: Family, Motherhood, Compadrazgo, Kinship Networks, (Im)migration, Chicana/o Studies, Latina/o Studies, Women & Gender Studies, Literature.

Jonathan Ward

jonathan.ward@uea.ac.uk | eastanglia.academia.edu/JonathanWard

  • Research project: The Representation of the Black Male Body within 20th-Century American Popular Culture.
  • Other research interests: The body; gender and sexuality; race and ethnicity; film; photography; cultural studies.