From testing for plastics in teabags to a Q&A with Countrywise’s Liz Bonnin: UEA’s Green Film Festival is back

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On 16th May 2022

Following a two-year pandemic hiatus, the Green Film Festival at the University of East Anglia (UEA) is back from Thursday 19 May - Saturday 21 May, offering live film screenings, expert talks and interactive exhibitions across all three days.  

The festival explores how filmmaking can add value to global research, from empowering communities to making research accessible and impactful on the ground. All events are free and aim to stimulate conversation about global environmental challenges and solutions. 

On Saturday 21 May at UEA’s Enterprise Centre, the festival will host an audience with wildlife and science TV presenter, Liz Bonnin, known for co presenting ITV’s Countrywise and BBC’s Bang Goes The Theory. 

Saturday’s event will also showcase an interactive exhibition, “A Plastic Journey: Science, Society & Solutions”, with UEA’s microplastics expert from the School of Chemistry, Dr Andrew Mayes, supported through a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund.  

The exhibition will help visitors explore the versatility of plastic, alongside understanding why it’s disposal is causing worldwide environmental concern.  

Visitors will be able to bring their favourite brand of tea bag to test whether it contains hidden plastics, view art pieces inspired by plastic waste, consider how their fashion choices might be impacting the environment, and even make your own bioplastic (plastics produced from materials such as vegetable fats, corn starch, and recycled food waste).  

Dr Mayes, Associate Professor in UEA’s School of Chemistry, said: “I’m really excited to be opening this exhibition to the public. It covers many aspects of plastics, from snippets of plastic history all the way to social and artistic responses to our current plastic waste problems. Alongside visiting exhibitors, it also showcases work taking place at UEA, and how that links to local, national and international initiatives.  

“I hope that everyone will discover something engaging, and perhaps surprising, that might encourage them to change their behaviour in small ways as a result.  Remember to bring along your favourite tea bag!” 

The festival takes place on the evenings of Thursday 19 May and Friday 20 May, with a full day of events on Saturday 21 May. For a full list of events, visit the festival website

Centred around an exhilarating programme of live screenings, the festival will launch on Thursday 19 May with a ‘Filmmaking without Borders’ event at Norwich Castle Museum. A number of short films, including The Biggest Little Farm and Silent Forests, will be showcased. 

Funded by UEA's Global Research Translation Award (GRTA), the films being screened are the result of work by academics across UEA Schools and from partner universities, production companies and freelance filmmakers across ten countries. 

Festival director and AMA Associate Professor in Film, Television, and Media, Christine Cornea, said: “Following a two-year pandemic hiatus, it is simply wonderful to re-launch the Green Film Festival at UEA and to get back to being able to present this live event. 

“We have a really strong line up for this relaunch, which makes it all the more exciting, with a special in person appearance from Liz Bonnin, some really good film screenings at both Norwich Castle and The Enterprise Centre, and the big 'Plastic Journey' exhibition and workshops on Saturday. So there will be plenty to see and do for people of all ages, and I'm really looking forward to it!” 

Visit the UEA Green Film Festival’s website for more information. 

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