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UEA gender pay gap report published

UEA has today published its first Gender Pay Gap Report which measures the difference between men’s and women’s mean and median earnings at the university.

The gender pay gap report compares the hourly pay for men and women employed at UEA across all job types, the gender bonus gap, the proportion of men and women receiving a bonus and the distribution of men and women across the pay bands.

The report shows that women are paid:

  • 18.93% less than men on mean gender pay gap based on hourly rate of ordinary pay; (£14.86 compared to £18.33)
  • 30.15% less than men on median gender pay gap based on hourly rate of ordinary pay.(£11.42 compared to £16.35)

The differences are largely because:

  • Lower paid roles at UEA are more typically occupied by women; and 
  • The university is a direct employer of our campus-based operational service and support roles, including student employment opportunities. A high proportion of these roles are part time offering more flexible working opportunities.

In terms of bonus pay gap the report shows that women receive:

  • 71.09% less than men on the mean gender bonus gap (£2,308 for women and £7,986 for men)
  • 0% less than men on the median gender bonus gap

(Please note that the gender bonus gap reduces to 12.09% when NHS Clinical Excellence Awards are removed).

The proportion of women receiving a bonus is 1.86% (54 women out of 2,900 employees) and the proportion of men receiving a bonus is 2.67% (53 men out of 1,987).

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Equality and Diversity at UEA, Sarah Barrow, said: “We welcome the opportunity to publish our first report on gender pay and highlight the work we are doing to ensure gender equality.

“As an employer we are committed to ensuring equality of opportunity and equality of pay; our equal pay audit is conducted every two years and we carry out robust job evaluation methodologies to ensure people are paid according to the levels of responsibility within their roles.

“We value equality and have worked consistently to address the issue; this first gender pay gap report highlights that we have much more work to do in certain areas, that the causes of the gap are complex and often reflect the distribution of roles at the university which in itself needs to be challenged.”

UEA is focused on promoting equality through:

  • Supportive working environment
  • Continual professional development
  • Recruitment, retaining and promoting women
  • Leadership programmes
  • Supportive processes
  • Policy review
  • Reward policies

View the UEA Gender Pay Gap Report and Equalities Information.