Don’t just take our word for it – see what some of our alumni have to say about their UEA MBA journey.

Full time

Xiaozhi Sun (Sunny)

MBA Alumni: Xiaozhi Sun (Sunny)

During the short academic trip to Theatre Royal, we strengthened class cohesion and increased our friendships.

Felicia Krelwitz

MBA Alumni: Felicia Krelwitz

The MBA program at UEA is unique because it is more than just listening and attending lectures. You immerse yourself in the modules...

Babalo Jantjies

MBA Alumni: Babalo Jantjies

The whole MBA journey is full of networking opportunities, as there is interaction with my cohort, with the faculty, the staff and...

Naveen Kumar Kuppu Swamy

MBA Alumni: Naveen Kumar Kuppu Swamy

The MBA programme at UEA is all about blending the course with the practicality of the global business environment.

Gunjan Talwar

MBA Alumni: Gunjan Talwar

Doing the MBA has helped me learn to think in a different way — it opened possibilities I didn’t know existed.

Rosna Gopalkrishnan

MBA Alumni: Rosna Gopalkrishnan

What UEA believes is to develop their students to make them work to their best potential and not create ‘MBA robots’.

Steve Trickey

MBA Alumni: Steve Trickey

Studying for an MBA is hard-work, but the old adage of “you only get out what you put in” is quite true.

Kevin O. Lumumba

MBA Alumni: Kevin O. Lumumba

The UEA MBA is not shy of integrating the program with the reality of the global business world.

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ExecUTIVE (part time)

Joseph Kiddell

MBA Alumni: Joseph Kiddell

During the 2 + years of the Exec MBA emotional roller coaster I often questioned what I was doing.

UEA broad and Ziggurats

MBA Alumni: Emma Partridge / Kate Yarbo

Starting with an immersive MBA Taster Day designed to give you the confidence to get back into the classroom and tackle your first...

Darren Elsom

MBA Alumni: Darron Elsom

The knowledge I have gained on the MBA programme supported me in gaining this new position and I am already putting what I have...

Justin Galliford

MBA Alumni: Justin Galliford

The Exec MBA gave me an excellent overview of how business operates, and helped me discover parts of management which really...

Clare Dyble

MBA Alumni: Clare Dyble

The MBA at UEA is the cohort experience which enables theoretical learning but also discussion about practical application and real...

Lindsey Mack

MBA Alumni: Lindsey Mack

The MBA delivers three important things: new knowledge; additional skills and greater self-confidence.

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