MBA Alumni: Kirandeep Rana

1. What were your reasons for choosing the Full-Time MBA and why now at this stage of your career?

The reasons I chose to pursue a full time MBA at this stage of my career because, I was ready to rediscover myself, kick start my career up a notch, to stand out from the crowd and to climb up the hierarchical ladder.

Sometimes in one’s career there comes a time when you sit back and realize, that one is so stuck up in their respective corporate lives that they end up using the same methodologies repeatedly, not thinking out of the box, and not approaching the challenges more aptly. This calls for a BREAK!

As a MBA student here at UEA, this time off is even more well spent by investing that on brushing up those management skills all over again by experiencing them practically through various onsite industrial visits and rediscovering myself personally as a better human being as well as professionally as an improved, sharper, and more effective leader than before.


2. How has the Full-time MBA so far improved your leadership skills?

It is always helpful to observe and interact with people from different nationalities & work cultures. This enhances one’s leadership skills and equips oneself to be more mature as a leader.

MBA so far in UEA has also given me an insight of international markets and corporates through our professors who have such rich professional as well as teaching backgrounds. The role plays and the practical case study exercises during our classroom teachings has helped everyone overcome their stage frights, also the onsite industrial visits help us understand the learnings in a more practical way, and it enables oneself to be an allrounder and ready for starting one’s careers as a newer, more confidant, and more impactful versions of themselves as Leaders.


3. Do you think any modules in particular will impact your role and drive significant change as to how your organisation (and/or sector) does things?

According to me the Operations Management module definitely helps to apply the different theories taught practically to any organization to reach the desired goal. It personally helped me reassess some challenges I had to encounter in my previous workplace, which today I am confidant to resolve through my learnings from this module.

The leadership module also imbibes the characteristics of a good leader who is just not a manager but a visionary, guide, and motivator.

Apart from these two modules I am really looking forward to the marketing module which will enable us to learn the international marketing and branding strategies.