MBA Alumni: Felicia Krelwitz

I’m a mature student who decided to make a career change after being a teacher and past business owner.

The MBA program at UEA is unique because it is more than just listening and attending lectures. You immerse yourself in the modules with hands-on learning and the consultancy project experience are what sets the UEA apart from other universities. Additionally, the NBS welcomes input from their current students and the program is dynamic because it is constantly changing and being reshaped from our suggestions.

Your cohort will become the sounding board you go to and the people who will help you. The experiences each one of us bring to the program is unique and so important. This program has given me confidence to realize that I am a valuable member in our program, and we all have unique perspectives.

One of the biggest reasons I chose UEA was because of their residential program, consultancy projects and the dual certification for Level 7 Diploma in Professional Consulting from the Chartered Management Institute. This program is unique in that it is for a year only and because of the businesses they bring in to give you that consultancy experience. Is it easy? No, but is anything worthwhile in life easy? It will be hard work and you might question why (and if you are like me, you might question this a lot), but I will say it is the most rewarding thing I have done for myself.

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