MBA Alumni: Richard Tadd

1. What were your reasons for choosing the Full-Time MBA and why now at this stage of your career?

I chose the full-time MBA over a part-time MBA because I decided it was time for me to make a dramatic change in my career. I no longer found my work engaging or motivating, and after 17 years in the same industry, it was a tough decision to make. But since I wouldn't be returning to the same company, it didn't make sense to continue working there, I wanted to focus on my studies.


2. How has the Full-time MBA so far improved your leadership skills?

Despite only being a third of the way through my MBA, I've already learned a ton of things that I wish I knew before. So many times in my career I felt stuck, frustrated with the status quo, or couldn't quite get my thoughts across to the rest of my team. I now have the tools to face these problems in the future. It makes me excited to continue my studies. I'm constantly wondering what other great lessons I'm going to learn next.


3. Do you think any modules in particular will impact your role and drive significant change as to how your organisation (and/or sector) does things?

The Operations module was fantastic. Being an absolute layman at the beginning I felt the module started and progressed at just the right tempo. The Leadership and People Management module was also an eye-opener. Having been away from the UK for nearly two decades, it was great to learn more about all the HR-related topics, especially given how important they will be for any future leaders in all industries. Both modules have already changed the way I view my work and colleagues alike. I believe they will both stay with me when I open my own business and help guide me through all the difficulties I'm bound to face.