MBA Alumni: Clare Dyble

Having completed a Post Graduate Diploma with the Open University in 2006, I had always intended to continue my studies to earn an MBA.

I was previously working as Workforce Development Manager at City College Norwich, but have since taken up a role as Director of Marketing and Enterprise for Easton & Otley College. I have no doubt that the MBA has helped me achieve this new role, through both academic learning and also, building the confidence to realise I can perform in a senior role.

The absolute best thing about the MBA at UEA is the cohort experience which enables theoretical learning but also discussion about practical application and real life problem solving. In such a diverse group of professionals, there are a diverse group of skills so discussions are lively and meaningful. It’s also a safe environment in which to discuss ideas and learn. If I didn’t understand something, there was always someone who was able to help me understand from a practical perspective, just as I helped others from time to time.

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