MBA Alumni: Darron Elsom

When I started the Executive MBA programme I was Head of Operations for the high pressure gas system in Cadent Gas Ltd, who distribute gas across the East of England, North London, West Midlands and the North West.

After completing the induction day, the first module was marketing and I found myself researching the tractor market, which was a big change from gas pipelines! Getting the first module under my belt was a great feeling and it gave me the confidence to tackle the next module.

I feel extremely proud to have completed the MBA and I have learnt so much more than I expected. I’m really looking forward to the graduation ceremony, which will also be a great opportunity to catch-up with my cohort.

I have recently been appointed as the Director of East of England, with accountability for the safe transportation of gas to more than 4 million households and commercial customers across East Anglia and East Midlands. This involves running a gas distribution network with circa 3000 people and an annual budget in excess of £350million. I know that the knowledge I have gained on the MBA programme supported me in gaining this new position and I am already putting what I have learnt into practice.

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