MBA Alumni: Babalo Jantjies

I decided to study an MBA because I noticed a skills gap in my work as manager, and taking on the managerial role in business is a challenge that requires good management and leadership skills.

What has been the most valuable thing you have learnt from your MBA at UEA which has helped you post study?

There is so much to take away from the programme that simplifying quantifying it will not give you the complete picture. The lecturers are all friendly, very supportive, and tremendously knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. I learned to identify my strengths and weaknesses and to build emotional intelligence, which is a key characteristic of a leader. I must admit, I started off slow for the first 4 months with the modules, although I engaged a lot in class and participated actively, the quality of my writing was not at the level of obtaining good grades and it took a while before I started obtaining distinctions and I never looked back.

What advice do you have for those who are joining the programme?

The demands for this course are high, it is very intense and requires time management and discipline. You have to make sure that you allocate time for taking notes, being active in class, not skipping lectures, and not doing things last minute.

If you are thinking of going for an MBA, I would say that UEA has just that and more. I am really enjoying the programme so far. The whole MBA journey is full of networking opportunities, as there is interaction with my cohort, with the faculty, the staff and alumni. Thanks to the focus on teamwork and group work during our management consultancy projects, I have built strong relationships with many members of my cohort. This has not only helped me to make more friends for life, but also contacts from different backgrounds and countries. I am looking forward to be getting wedding invitarions from cohorts.

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