Committee Secretary: Lisa Williams (Assistant Registrar), email 

Governance Office:  Rebecca Phillips (Governance Administrator): email

Vice-Chancellor and President - Professor David Maguire

Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen 

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience and Education) - Professor Emma Sutton-Pavli 

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) - Professor Fiona Lettice 

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Arts and Humanities) - Professor Sarah Barrow 

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences) - Professor Charles ffrench-Constant 

Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Faculty of Social Sciences) - Professor Paul Dobson 

Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary - Ian Callaghan 

Director of Finance - Jason Brown 

Director of People and Culture - Helen Wiseman 

The Role of the Executive Team (ET)

18.     ET is a broadly based group of senior staff whose breadth of experience, responsibilities and understanding of the University provide a sound basis for the development and implementation of the strategies and policies of the University, and for taking the significant decisions related to the operation of the University, where they have material implications for, or impact widely, across the University.

19.     ET is not a committee; the Vice-Chancellor holds ultimate authority for its decisions.  However, the Council requires that the Vice-Chancellor consults fully with ET in regard to the matters referred to in (18) above and such other matters as may be prescribed by Council and has due regard to the balance of opinion of ET when making decisions. Most of the responsibilities defined by the Vice-Chancellor’s job description or delegated to the Vice-Chancellor by Council are likely to fall within this definition. ET, therefore, is expected to operate in a quasi-democratic fashion and to be able to accept joint responsibility for its decisions and for their implementation.

20.     The Executive Team shall comprise such members (in addition to the Vice-Chancellor and University Secretary (who is also currently the Chief Resource Officer) as are approved from time to time by Council, normally on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor.

21.     Jointly with the Vice-Chancellor the University Secretary and other members of the Executive Team will maintain oversight of the risks faced by the University and ensure that Council is appropriately informed of risks, and in particular financial risks, surrounding the decisions it takes.

22.     The Executive Team shall have the power to delegate powers and responsibilities of their roles as stated in Ordinances, regulations, policies, Codes of Practice and procedures to members of administrative staff as appropriate and required.

23.     Each Directors of Professional Services shall report to a member of the Executive Team.

24.     The Executive Team is accountable to the Vice-Chancellor for the overall management and leadership of the administrative divisions and for the delivery of effective and efficient services in areas including (but not exclusively) finance, human resources, capital development, facilities and estates management, health and safety, libraries and IT, student and course administration and welfare, strategic planning, research and innovation development and administration and marketing and admissions. They are responsible for the delivery of the capital programme as approved by Council.

This is the Executive Team Reporting Structure 2022-2023 


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