Committee Secretary: Mr Jason Brown,  email

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips, email 



2021/2022 MEMBERSHIP 

The Treasurer - Mr Mark Williams (2024) (Chair) 

Provost and The Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Christine Bovis-Cnossen

The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) - Professor Fiona Lettice (2024)

Chief Resource Officer and University Secretary - Mr Ian Callaghan

Director of Finance - Mr Jason Brown 

Two Independent members of Council - Mr Jeremy Clayton (2025) and Dr Sally Howes (2024)

One of the two Student Council Members - Ms Elizabeth Payne (2022)

Secretary - Director of Finance (Mr Jason Brown)

Terms of Reference


a) consider the budget for the coming financial year prior to consideration by Senate and its submission to Council for approval

b) monitor the estimated outturn for the year (revenue, capital and cash) periodically (probably at four times in the year)

c) be informed of and discuss any issues which arise which will be material to the University’s finances

d) approve acquisition or disposal of property at values of less than £500,000

e) approve tuition, residence and nursery fees

f) approve borrowing of less than £500,000

g) advise the Chair of Council, should the Chair be asked to act on material issues (particularly those with financial impact) on behalf of Council

h) monitor the University’s cash position and compliance with banking covenants.

Meetings 2021/2022


Please note that the  Finance Committee is confidential and therefore no documents will appear online.

thursday 23 SEPTEMBER 2021

10am - VCO Meeting Room, TEC

Thursday 11 NOVEMBER 2021

10am - Microsoft TEAMS

thursDAY 3 MARCH 2022

10am - Microsoft TEAMS


10am - VCO Meeting Room, TEC 


10am - TBC

Next Meeting

friday 10 june 2022

10am - TBC