Committee Secretary: Ms Michele Pavey, email

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips,  email

MEMBERSHIP 2021/2022

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student Experience and Education - Professor Emma Sutton-Pavli (Chair)

Associate PVC Education and Curriculum - Dr Neil James

Associate PVC Learning and Teaching Enhancement - Professor Kay Yeoman

Associate PVC Inclusive Education - Professor Helena Gillespie 

Associate PVC UEA Doctoral College - Professor Alastair Grant

Associate PVC Partnerships and Apprenticeships - Professor Zoe Butterfint 

Associate PVC Employability and Opportunities - Dr Matthew Aldrich 

Chair (Associate Dean) of the LTQ of each Faculty - Dr Francisco Costa (HUM), Professor Eloise Ellis (SSF), Professor Dave Stevens (SCI) & Dr Elizabeth Blowers (FMH)

Director of Academic Services - Eve Dewsnap 

Director of Graduate Success - Mrs Becky Price 

External Member, City College Norwich Representative - Mr Jerry White

The Undergraduate Education Officer of the Union of Students - Mr Ivo Garnham (2022) 

The Postgraduate Education Officer of the Union of Students - Ms Ayane Hida (2022) 


Secretary -  Head of LTS (Quality) Mrs Laura Thompson - Administrative support - Ms Michele Pavey, Assistant Head of LTS 

(1) To define with the approval of the Senate, implement and review the University’s strategies for learning and teaching, in line with the University’s corporate strategy and inclusive education policy, and taking into account Faculty and School strategic aims; 

(2) To develop policies, regulatory frameworks and Codes of Practice that secure the standards of the University’s awards, assure the quality of the student  and learner academic experience, equity of student learning outcomes, including for students from under-represented groups,  and encourage innovation in learning and teaching;

(3) To ensure compliance with those policies, regulatory frameworks and Codes of Practice through Learning and Teaching governance arrangements which comply with the University’s Statutes;

(4) To monitor the impact of those policies, regulatory frameworks and Codes of Practice on academic standards and the student experience including equality of opportunity, and to ensure that remedial action is taken where the outcomes do not meet University’s requirements or those of external regulatory bodies;

(5) To appoint examiners, on behalf of the Senate, for all taught and research programmes, on the recommendation of the responsible officer or body of the School;

(6) In accordance with the above terms of reference, to consider matters brought forward for its attention by the Senate, the Academic Director of Taught Programmes and Academic Director of Research Programmes and the subcommittees of the Learning and Teaching Committee and to delegate matters appropriately for action;

(7) To liaise with other agencies within the University on matters of mutual concern including matters of resource allocation as it affects the delivery of learning and teaching;

(8) To consider and report annually to Senate upon:

(a)  the maintenance of academic standards based on the outcomes of the University’s external  examiner reporting system


(b) matters concerning the equality of opportunity of students.

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