Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee



Committee Secretary: Mr Matthew Gooch, telephone 01603 59(7209),  email matthew.gooch@uea.ac.uk
Minutes: Mr Rob Drury, email r.drury@uea.ac.uk 

Governance Office: Mrs Rebecca Phillips, telephone 01603 59(3203), email rebecca.phillips@uea.ac.uk



The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Arts and Humanities) (Chair) - Professor Sarah Barrow 

Chief Resource Officer - Mr Ian Callaghan 

Director of Student Services - Dr Jon Sharp 

Director of Estates and Facilities - Mr Roger Bond

Director of People and Culture - Ms Helen Wiseman

Director of Information Technology - Mr Mark Barry 

Head of Corporate Communications - Mr Mark Covell 

Head of Equality and Diversity - Mr Matthew Gooch 

Academic Director of Inclusive Education - Professor Helena Gillespie 

Assistant Head of Planning (WP and BIU) - Mrs Rebecca Price (Deputy Ms Charlotte Wheatland)

Assistant Head of Marketing - Ms Holly Mudie) (Deputy Mr Chris Hill) 

Head of Student Services (Wellbeing) - Ms Claire Pratt 

Black, Asian and Minority Ethic Staff Network Chair - Mrs Jumara Stone (Mrs Rita Dattani - Co-Chair who may attend instead of Jumara)

Staff Pride Chair - Ms Michele Pavey 

Access All Areas Representative - TBC

Independent Member of Council - Ms Laura McGillivray (Interim Appointment)

Faculty Representatives (One member of academic staff from each Faculty)

Arts and Humanities : Mr John Tully (Deputy TBC)

Medicine and Health Sciences: Professor Dylan Edwards (Deputy TBC)

Science: Professor Mark Searcey (Deputy Mrs Laura McGonagle)

Social Sciences: Dr Joanne Ashman (Deputy Amanda Dorr)

Representative from INTO - Mr Simon Duckworth

Trades Union Representatives (only 2 from those listed would attend the meeting) - UNISON (Richard Carey-Knight), UCU (Katherine Deane), UNITE (Mr Trevor Bellward)

The Welfare, Community and Diversity Officer of the Union of UEA Students Ms Emily Anderson (2021)

In attendance: Advice and Student RIght Manager Mr Mike Hill 

Secretary - Mr Rob Drury 

Terms of Reference


1.            To advise the Council and the Executive Team on the fulfilment of the University’s statutory obligations in respect of equality and diversity and to recommend policy for approval.

2.            To ensure that institutional frameworks, schemes, action plans, initiatives and policies are achievable, effective, properly owned and translated into action.

3.            To establish such sub committees as the Committee deems appropriate.

4.            To consider staff and student profile data with a view to a) informing decisions about the allocation and use of resources and b) ensuring the institution is operating equitably.

5.            To keep abreast of developments and disseminate information on equality and diversity across the University so that capacity is built on equality issues in all areas.

6.            To establish two-way communication with staff and student networks to ensure their views are sought and represented as appropriate.

7.            To keep under review membership of the Committee and make recommendations accordingly to Council.

Meetings 2020/2021


wedneSDAY 14 OCTOBER 2020

9.30am - Microsoft TEAMS

wednesDAY 3 MARCH 2021 

9.30am - Location TBC (Committee Room 2, The Council Chamber / Virtual) 

monday 14 JUNE 2021

2pm - Location TBC (Committee Room 2, The Council Chamber / Virtual) 

Next Meeting


9.30am - Location TBC (Committee Room 2, The Council Chamber / Virtual) 

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