A chance to find out more about the UEA A chance to find out more about the UEA


If you are called for interview, you will have an opportunity to find out about the University as most interviews are held during Applicant Days. Your interviewers will be interested to discover more about you than is on the application form, and topics covered in the interviews are likely to include your current studies, your reasons for choosing to apply for the course in question, and your personal interests and extra-curricular activities.

All of our Health courses require you to attend an interview and you can find out more about the structure of these days by looking at the entry requirements for the course.

When we select you for an interview we will write to you by email explaining when the day is, what to expect and the time you need to attend.

Offers without interviews

If an offer is made without an interview it means that we have been able to make a decision based on the information on your UCAS application.  This includes your academic history, studies that might not yet be complete and their predicted outcome, the academic reference and most importantly your Personal Statement.  We take into account all aspects of your application when coming to this decision.

Your offer

Your offer will either be unconditional  - this means that you have met all of the academic requirements of the course.


Your offer will be conditional - this means that we require you to complete and achieve the offer the grades that we communicate to you via UCAS. Normally these are Level 3 qualifications i.e A Levels, IB, Access or BTEC qualifications.

Sometimes there are non academic conditions that need to be met to enter the course.  They can include;

  • A satisfactory enhanced police check.
  • A satisfactory occupational health check.
  • A satisfactory second reference.

If your course requires you to meet these non-academic conditions it will be transmitted at point of offer through UCAS.

Before you make a decision

Most importantly you will be given the opportunity to visit the University on one of our Applicant Days before you have to reply to the offer. This will give you a chance to see the University, to meet students and staff, and to discuss with members of the University any points you may wish to raise about the course, how you should prepare for it, and life at the University.