What happens after you apply

Undergraduate applications - what next?

So, you have done your research and decided to apply to university. Good going! If you have selected UEA as one of your choices, your application will now have been sent to us by UCAS, and our admissions team will be checking it over. 


Here is what to expect next:

1.    Your application arrives…

UCAS will process your application and then send it our way. We will send you an acknowledgement email when we have received the application, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Make sure you note down your UCAS Personal ID (or UCAS ID), as you will need to quote this in any correspondence with UEA from now onwards. This is a ten-digit number that you get when you begin an application – displayed in 123-456-7890 format.

2.    We’ll review it

At UEA, we pride ourselves on helping students grow academically, socially and personally.

Before we make a decision on your application, we may:

  • Invite you to an interview (only applicable to some courses)
  • Invite you to an audition (only applicable to some courses)
  • Invite you to submit a portfolio or written piece of work (only applicable to some courses)
  • Ask you to provide more information
  • Hold on to your application for a period of time until we know more about all of the other applicants who have applied for the same course

We will email you to let you know if any of these possibilities will apply, with a clear explanation of anything we need you to do (and expected timescales).

Note that it might take us some time to provide you with an update or a decision on your application after you have submitted it. There is no set timeline for this, and it can vary by course. Do not worry if you do not hear from us for a little while.

3.    Keep track of your applications

While we are doing our bit, you can keep checking in with the progress of your applications on UCAS at any time.

4.    Decision time!

When we are ready to make a decision on your application, we will update you on UCAS with one of the following options:

  • Conditional Offer — You’ve got an offer! Well done. You still need to meet some conditions to gain your place. Please check the offer conditions carefully and let us know if you have any questions. We will make your offer unconditional as soon as you meet all the specified conditions.
  • Unconditional Offer — Congratulations, you’ve got a place!
  • A Change of Course Offer – if we are unable to offer you a place on the original course you have applied to, we are sometimes able to offer you an alternative. We will email you with some information and you will see the change of course on UCAS. Your offer for the new course will still be conditional or unconditional (as above).
  • Unsuccessful — Unfortunately in some cases we may be unable to make you an offer. If you would like any further information or advice for future applications, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

If you have been made an offer of a place at UEA, check out our advice for undergraduate offer holders.

5.    Apply for loans, scholarships and bursaries

If you get a conditional or unconditional offer, you can apply for a range of student finance (student loans, scholarships and bursaries) before you start your course. You do not have to wait for your exam results, so take some time now to investigate the financial support that is available at the institutions you have applied to.

View our range of Scholarships at UEA for eligibility, details of how to apply and closing dates.

6.    Applicant Days

If you have successfully obtained an offer for a course at UEA, you will receive an invitation to come along to an Applicant Day. These are exclusive events for offer holders where you will be able to meet lecturers and current students, and to get a taste of the course you have applied for. You will also get to meet other like-minded UEA offer holders and get to know some of your future friends!

7.    Choose your firm choice

Once you have received decisions from all of the universities that you have applied to, UCAS will prompt you to choose a firm (first) choice and an insurance (back up) choice.


8.    Secure your guaranteed accommodation

UEA's campus is a wonderful place to live! We provide high quality, affordable rooms in beautiful surroundings. You'll find plenty of options to help support your studies and enjoy your social life.

To guarantee your accommodation, you will need to have chosen us as your firm choice and completed your Accommodation Preference form by the deadline (31 July).

For further information about how to secure your accommodation or to explore your options, visit: Accommodation at UEA

9.    Get excited!

If you have chosen UEA, you’ve made a great choice! You might still have exams or results to follow, but you've made a huge step in your journey to joining us. Take some time to start researching UEA Life and get excited about your new chapter.


10.    Results time

If you have been made a conditional offer and chosen us as your firm or insurance choice, we will be looking forward to receiving your results.

For UK qualifications such as A Levels, BTECs and T Levels, we usually get results sent to us directly by exam boards, so we will process them and update you with a final decision on your application as soon as your results are released to you.

For most other qualifications we will need you to email us with your results as soon as you receive them, so please remember to let us know how you have done (even if your results are different to what you expected).


Keeping in touch

Throughout this process you can speak to our students, staff, advisors and experts about life at UEA, which will help build excitement for what could be the great next steps in your life!

You can also join the exclusive Official University of East Anglia (UEA) Offer Holders 2024 Facebook group to keep up to date with the latest conversations, meet new friends and chat with other applicants.